Band Instrument Accessories

We carry a complete line of high quality band accessories including  mutes, music stands, valve oils, slide grease, instrument stands, reeds  and much more.  Having the best and most reliable  accessories is always our priority.  

 We stock a full line of instrument cases suitable for everyday use.  A  wide variety of cases are available for special order as well.  We have in-stock replacement as well as step-up mouthpieces: Bach trumpet and trombone, Holton french horn, Selmer saxophone and  VanDoren  clarinet.  Korg tuners and various metronomes are also available.

We are always expanding our inventory to include more choices to better serve the music community of the Flathead Valley.  


String Instrument Accessories

Our string instrument department is always growing to include  more accessories.  We have in stock a complete line of Red Label Super  Sensitive strings as well as Gold Label Pirastro E strings, Dominant  string sets, rosin, shoulder and chin rests, cello endpin stops and  more.   




The bow used on any string instrument is one of the primary factors in sound production.
 By upgrading to a fine-quality wood bow, it is a relatively inexpensive  way to improve the overall sound of any instrument, even student  quality instruments.

We have in stock a number of quality wood bows for full size violins,  violas and cellos.  Most range in price from $88.00 - 390.00 featuring  many different makers and styles.