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Rental Program

 As an authorized Yamaha dealer and professional repair technician who has repaired over 30,000 instruments, I take great pride in offering only the most proven, reliable brands and models of student line instruments for rent.

Brand names are limited almost exclusively to: Yamaha, Bach, Selmer, Conn (french horns) Buffet, and Howard Core string instruments. All student-line instruments (both band and string orchestra, new and used) are available on a rent-to-own basis. This means that when making monthly payments, you are making progress toward owning the instrument, but you are also free to return the instrument at any time without any further obligation.

There is no minimum contract length and no interest. We typically have many used instruments that have been reconditioned into the best mechanical condition possible, assuring that you are getting a quality instrument at the best possible price.

Rental Rates:

Flute - Clarinet - Violin - Viola
New $25.00 - $30.00
Used $20.00 - $25.00

Trumpet - Trombone
New $30.00 - $40.00
Used $20.00 - $35.00

Saxophone - Cello
New $45.00 - $85.00
Used $35.00 - $60.00

Cash discounts are available with a guaranteed buy-back offer. If you choose to purchase an instrument outright, you can take advantage of up to a 25% discount off the rental price. Woodwind & Brass then guarantees I will buy the instrument back at any time for whatever you paid for it, less what you would have paid in rental fees. (Number of months you had instrument x monthly rental fee. This amount is subtracted from what you paid for the instrument and the instrument is bought back at that price). The instrument will never cost you more than the monthly rental fee, but you will benefit from the cash discount if ownership is desired.

Optional Maintenance & Replacement Coverage: For an additional monthly fee, Woodwind & Brass will agree to keep your rental instrument in excellent playing condition and protect it against damage and theft. The fees below provide full maintenance and replacement coverage.

Saxophones - Oboes - French Horns - Cellos 


All other instruments 


 Woodwind & Brass Rental Advantages

- All instruments are professionally serviced - guaranteed to be in excellent mechanical condition.  

- Only quality, name-brand instruments sold - We refuse to sell/rent low-quality instruments just to have the "best price".  

- Convenient Kalispell/Evergreen storefront location.  

- Open 5 days/week (Tues - Sat).